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Health Benefits

Three reasons microgreens have gained rapid popularity:

Nutrient Dense

Microgreens are much more nutrient-dense foods than their fully mature counterparts.


Microgreens are rich source of antioxidants and hence prevent anti-aging in human body.

Reduces Health Risks

Microgreens are rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, and high-blood pressure.

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At Terukina Farms,

We provide nutrient dense, quality microgreens to Hawaii’s communities with aloha, passion, and organic practices.

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Love their micro-green mixes for my salads n their fresh mixed veggies which I stir-fry with or without meat.  Micro-greens are a must in my salads. Great to be able to support local. Thanks K&S for your hard work - it isn’t easy being a farmer so I appreciate all your efforts.

-Susan O.

Best micro greens .. super fresh (in fact all of their produce are!) .. love knowing how much nutrients are packed in every bite!   Please support them!

-Lisa T

The microgreens from Terukina Farms are incredibly fresh and vibrant. Sold as individual type of greens, or in blends (the spicy mix is outstanding with poke or in sandwiches, just saying).

-Ron U.

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